My wife and I have been married for going on five years now, and we were dating for three years prior to that. Since I’m a hardcore geek and Steve Buscemi lookalike (I’ve been asked if I was his son before), and she’s the most breathtakingly gorgeous woman I’ve ever met, I have always felt that she is definitely out… » 4/16/15 8:28pm Thursday 8:28pm

I dunno. After buying and playing through several iterations of both Guitar Hero and Rock Band, I’m not sure this is enough to get me back into the genre. This new multi-fret configuration means more plastic instruments need to be bought, which eventually will just get added to the pile of guitars/drums/mics… » 4/14/15 10:10am Tuesday 10:10am

I had another amazing victory this weekend while showing my brother Bloodborne over PS4 Share Play. He was considering whether or not to pick up the game himself, so I told him I could play the game a bit from the point where I was at, which was pretty much right at the beginning. I hadn’t even encountered the first… » 4/01/15 12:32pm 4/01/15 12:32pm

Resident Evil: Code Veronica on the Dreamcast. The final boss fight. I go in there with a WEALTH of weapons and ammunition, along with a handful of health sprays. I am ready to take this freak down. » 3/27/15 6:48pm 3/27/15 6:48pm

The linked article also says that it's entirely (and far more) likely that he's simply changing residence because of fans hounding him. Apparently once people found out where he lived, he became swamped with people visiting the house and trying to catch him for photo ops and such. It's understandable that he'd want a… » 3/27/15 10:20am 3/27/15 10:20am