A question to all gamers across the board: Why is it that the mobile and PC industries seem to be targeting consoles now? It seems like every other day there's a new article or editorial posted onto gaming sites that preaches about "the Death of Console Gaming," or how Sony/MS/Nintendo will have to become third-party software developers (i.e. Sega) in order to survive after this next generation, or any number of other crazy theories about the future of gaming.

"The future of gaming is with mobile games. Cheap, accessible titles with touch controls that you can play anywhere!"

"NO, the future of gaming is with the Steam Box/Shield! Accessing your PC games in other media will be the final nail in the coffin for the low-tech, obsolete consoles!"


Note: Yet, oddly, no talk of mobile gaming killing PC's, or vice-versa. Consoles are the only ones in the crosshairs.

Why can't there be enough room for consoles, mobile AND PC gaming? Industry professionals are trying to make doomsday cries against their competition, like the goofball from a mobile developer whose editorial on here earlier this week claimed consoles wouldn't survive the next couple years. Not just on Kotaku, either; I've read on plenty of other sites and message boards where people are hyping up the Steam Box as some console-killing savior of PC gaming (with liberal use of the phrase "master race" popping up quite a bit).

I'm not asking which platform is superior, or which company makes the best games. I just want to know why some people seem to think that the pool has gotten too crowded for everyone to have a chance to swim. Why? Why??

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