Hi, I'm Jonathan, and I'm a recovering Achievements addict.

In 48 hours alone, the Wii U has completely shattered my addiction to achievements. For the past 6 years I've always preferred to buy multi-platform games on the 360 just so I could keep racking up those points, purely for my own completionist enjoyment. Yet after accumulating a 50K+ Gamerscore, the Wii U has managed to completely gut my desire for more, all thanks to Miiverse.

As it turns out, social networking is more enjoyable than an arbitrary point total.


I never figured social interaction would factor into my enjoyment of gaming. I always had more friends on my XBox Live list, simply because everyone I knew through college (and even within my own family) all owned 360's. Conversely, my PS3 friends list has about 8 people on it, most of which haven't logged in within the past 6 months. Actually meeting new people in random online matches and making friends on either system was a gamble of whether or not they would have a microphone to talk, or what kind of game you were playing, or any number of other factors. As such I rarely played online games with random people if I could help it.

Enter the Wii U with the Miiverse. An entire social community of gamers opens up. Dedicated message boards for individual games. In-game graffiti. You can leave sketches in public posts and instantly have responses. Suddenly everyone can talk, whether or not they own a microphone. A note arrives in your inbox or a comment is posted, the Home button on the tablet glows blue, and pressing it pauses the game to let you sketch up a reply on-the-fly.

And suddenly I care a whole lot less about achievements.

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