I'm gonna go completely off-topic and all psycho-analytical on you guys today. A friend of mine brought up this question on Facebook and it really got some interesting responses, so I thought I'd toss it out here.

Do any of you have a place in your dreams that doesn't exist in real life, but you visit often when you're asleep?

Mine is a kind of freaky house that looks different outside each time, but inside always looks the same, with a massive basement that almost looks like a warehouse full of junk and old worktables. There's also a pair of massive double-doors in the back that leads to an attic that I've never been inside, but am always afraid of in the dream. Whenever those doors open I always wake up.


And believe it or not, I've been dreaming about this place since I was a toddler (I'm now 31). Usually it pops up in a dream once every couple years, and it always freaks me out with how familiar the whole thing feels.

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