(Reposting this from my comment on the Zelda HD article, simply because I think it would make a great TAY topic. Get some ideas flowing, y'know?)

I have an idea for the next Zelda on the Wii U. They already went with a realistic Zelda, a cel-shaded Zelda, and a retro-styled Zelda. Looking at the Zelda HD article on Kotaku this morning makes me want to see a Claymation-style Zelda, ala Skullmonkeys and the Neverhood.

It likely would be hated by the majority of fans for being such a radical change, but think about it — in Paper Mario, the characters acknowledge the fact that the world is made of paper and exploit it throughout the game. If the Zelda realm were made of Clay, you could have abilities and items that could mold environments to your benefit. You could use your Hookshot and it would wedge itself into walls with an explosion of clay. If you fell too far, Link would be embedded face-first into the ground, and leave an impression where he fell. Mowing down grass wouldn't just be an OCD activity, since the grass could be a base green material that could fuel your magic.


Slashing at a wall or rock would leave gashes from your sword. Killing enemies would cause them to explode, and little bits of the clay could be stuck on Link's shield, sword and body for a few moments. Swimming would be dangerous in that without a certain item, your body would start to liquify after a short while. You could have another item that would make Link's clay body softer, allowing you to fit through tight spaces or into holes in the walls. In certain dungeons, the item you get could actually be obtained from the boss by carving off a piece of it (think: an extendable Scorpion tail upgrades the hookshot).

Using a bomb would create a burst of heat that could bake and harden an enemy's body, which could then be shattered with your sword. This could also be used to find hidden areas in the environment, too. Using a hammer could literally FLATTEN your enemies like a pancake, or leave indentations in a larger enemy that could gradually be pounded down to reach their weak point. Glass jars would no longer hold potions, but base colored clays that could be combined to different effects.


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