So in the 2001 version of Thirteen Ghosts with Matthew Lillard, there's a huge freaking plot hole as big as Lillard's head. And I know this is an absolutely horrible movie whose only redeeming grace was the detailed backstories on the ghosts themselves (which weren't even covered in the movie), but that's besides the point here.

According to the meshugganah plot, 12 ghosts (all born from very specific origins) had to be harvested and positioned around some supernatural machine to power it. The 13th ghost was the key that would turn it on, and it had to be a ghost born from a moment of self-sacrifice. The dad is baited by the villain into almost killing himself to save his kids.

But why did he do this when Matthew Lillard HAD ALREADY DONE IT? Just moments before this, Lillard's character blocks the dad behind the wall of magic ghost-blocking glass (sigh...) and lets himself get killed by the Juggernaut. His ghost was already born out of sacrifice, so why didn't this sudden creation power the machine? Not to mention the fact that the machine is sitting there churning out this incantation that turns all the ghosts into brainless zombies standing in a circle, yet somehow Lillard's ghost is completely immune to it, just chilling out and leaning against the wall chatting it up with the dad before he jumps. He should be getting absorbed into the machine and causing all hell to break loose, but nope. Lillard's just too damn cool for that.


Making the dad go through all that for no reason. You're a jerk, ghost Matthew Lillard.

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